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The Trespade 5 Draw Food Dehydrator is a heavy duty machine manufactured in Italy. It uses an extremly natural drying process and incorporates 12 different program settings - 7 of which are automatic. It will suit every type of use thanks to the different mix of time, temperature and fan speed. There is the possibility to customise the drying cycle by the 5 manual program settings. 

There is no limit on the working time, It is made for continuous usage. The maximun ease of use, due to the maintenance cycle, keeps the drying condition of the product once the cycle is over, Up until the use removes it from the deydrator. There is a digital display designed to keep the operating temperature constantly under control. 

Main Technical Features:

  • Resistor Power - 480W
  • Weight - 3.5kg
  • Dimensions - 27cm x 27cm x 46cm
  • Structure In ABS 
  • Five Drying Drawers in ABS
  • Total Drying Surface - 4300 cm2 
  • 12 Months Manufacture Warranty 

Ph (07) 4659 7399

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